Building for systems that are not publicly available requires other types of considerations. Although cloud technology can be utilized to lift some of the load of the devices in the cars, the processing is still demanding.

We provide expertise based on working with different projects in the automotive industry. The requirements are tougher and the end-customer is demanding. Our experience ranges from infotainment to configurators and retail systems for automotive.

Financial services

Online banks are always open and customers expect to do any type of transaction or view any type information whenever it suits their schedule.

Making systems available and easy-to-use while keeping the highest security standards is the greatest challenge of the modern financial sector.

The expertise provided is based on previous work with stock market information services and systems handling personal loan applications and mortgages. 

Energy trading

Energy trading is much similar to stock trading. Everything must be performed and updated in real-time or it will be an immediate cost.

The energy trading has been around for years. The increasing demand also makes the need for scalable systems with minimum latency higher than ever. We have the expertise from working with these types of systems, providing prices in real-time and calculating energy prices for customers.